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circuitry team summer update

The Circuitry sub-team of Chem-E-Car is primarily responsible for the design of the control system of the car. The control system of Chem-E-Car is composed of a controller (typically an ATmega microcontroller), actuators (various motors and LEDs), sensors (typically photovoltaic or thermistors), and the 3D-printed car itself; the purpose of the circuitry sub-team is to design the system in such a way that all of the elements work cohesively so that in competition day the car starts and stops where it is supposed to.

Currently, the circuitry team is working on the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to eliminate possible hazards when building the car as well as increase the physical reliability and robustness of the system. Furthermore, the circuitry sub-team is aiming to design most of the electrical components in the car, rather than using third-party solutions for the upcoming Nationals Competition in Phoenix, Arizona this November (2022).

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