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mech team summer update 2022

Chem-E-Car’s Mechanical sub-team is responsible for designing all of the mechanical components on the car, which includes the reaction vessels, battery containment, and drivetrain.

Currently, the mech team is working on designing a new drivetrain configuration for AIChE Chem-E-Car 2022 National’s competition that would allow for better circuitry integration and improved steering. We are also working on improving our reaction and battery containments by working with the lab team to ensure that our designs are well-suited to manage the reaction’s required conditions and potentially unsafe products, while working with the battery team to ensure that the stack has a reliable compression mechanism.

Our goals include collaborating more with other sub-teams to ensure optimal component design and adding features to assist the circuitry team with wiring organization. On top of that, we hope to have fun with the car’s aesthetics this year!

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