What's Brewing* in The Lab?

By Ngai To Lo in design

February 5, 2017

*Disclaimer: What’s brewing, figuratively, not literally. The lab is not food safe, NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE LAB! Introduction As you may have read in part one, our team is working on an app to automate the brewing of craft beer. To understand the homebrewing process we made a batch of Pacific ESB, an ale that is light with a crisp bitter aftertaste. We made a few mistakes throughout the process (BURNT GRAINS) but learned from those mistakes to make the second batch better.

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Beer Homebrew Project

By Eric Loong in design

January 12, 2017

Introduction With the Student AIChE/CACHE National Mobile Device APP Competition around the corner, our team has been working hard in exploring different ideas to showcase our creativity in a practical design. As part of our lab course field trips, many of us have visited local breweries to gain a general overview of how the general brewing process works. Keeping this in mind, we decided to try something that none of us have done before: creating an app to automate the brewing of craft beer.

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