Solder Fan System

By Ngai To Lo in Hardware

January 1, 2017

Recently, I’ve been playing around with old computer power supplies. Naturally, that led me to other components of the computer, namely, the cooling fan. These fans are driven by a brushless DC motor system. This is to achieve a reduced sound and higher efficiency compared to a brushed DC motor system such as those you would see (or hear) in printers, air conditioners and RC cars. Computer fans can range from very simple to kind-of-simple with 2, 3, and 4 wires coming out of it.

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How To Create Dynamic Org Charts With Google Sheets and Javascript

By Siang Lim in Software

December 24, 2016

Introduction The Google Chart library provides a convenient way of visualizing datasets using Javascript and embedding them in websites. For our team page, we wanted to embed a dynamic orgchart that would be updated automatically using values stored in a Google Docs ‘database’. Finding online tutorials for this was a bit challenging, so here’s our implementation. If all goes well, you should get something like this, with the names, roles and relationships defined in a Google Sheet:

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The Importance of Trial and Error

By Athanasios Kritharis in Design

November 24, 2016

Introduction Welcome everyone to the first of (hopefully) many blog posts for the UBC Chem-E-Car Team. The purpose of these posts is to give you, the reader insight into how our organization is run. Through this we hope to generate interest in our organization and to help get other students involved. The topic of our first post is on the importance of trial and error. Most people will look at a finished product and comment on how sleek or amazing it is; while conveniently ignoring that it took years of tinkering and modifications for that item to even function properly!

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