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About Us

UBC Chem-E-Car represents The University of British Columbia in the annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Chem-E-Car competition where we compete with other North American teams. We design, build and test a shoe-box sized car from scratch every year. The process involves building a power system (batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors etc), selecting a stopping mechanism reaction, designing the circuitry, coding microcontrollers and assembling the mechanical components and car body.

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The UBC Chem-E-Car team consists of 5 main sub-teams with different roles. We have many members who work hard to make the car and all of our side projects a reality! Meet our team leads and learn more about what they do on the team.

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Latest and Greatest

Read our articles to learn more about what we are working on. Occasionally, we also share tutorials on electrochemistry, mechanical design, software development and other fun topics that we came across.

UBC Chem-E-Car Regionals 2017

By Siang Lim on April 20, 2017

Presenting: The Patri•Car•Key http://www.ubcchemecar.com/2017/

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Dancing Into an Admin Position

By Caitlin Lee on March 17, 2017

Background Hi! My name is Caitlin, I’m one of the mechanical leads for the junior Chem-E Car (CEC) team. I’m also the president of UBC Dance Horizons, part of a dance team, and helping to plan a case competition for the Oil and Gas initiative, on top of taking 7 courses. A question I get a lot is “How are you not dying?”. So here is my take on how to do all the things you love and not die.

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Powering The Future (Or just the Chem-E-Car)

By Fiona Abigail D'Silva, Stuthi Hegde and Jeffery Kung on February 28, 2017

Chem-E-Car’s New Fuel Cell Division While the chemical team is building clocks and electrical team is making a new stopping mechanism, the fuel cell team is here to ensure that the car has the power to move! This year, UBC Chem-E-Car’s Junior Battery team has expanded to incorporate a new fuel cell division. Several universities have had overwhelming success using fuel cells in their cars, and we’re hoping to cash in on this as well.

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Do You Even Budget?

By Siang Lim on February 12, 2017

Open positions: We are looking for enthusiastic UBC students to help with the team’s finances and sponsorship activities. Email us and let’s chat! captain@ubcchemecar.com Backstory Last summer, we received an interesting e-mail from the UofT Chem-E-Car team. They’ve just officially launched as a design team and wanted to know more about our team’s financial structure. Here’s what we shared with them. Department Funding We maintain a very close and important relationship with UBC’s Chemical & Biological Engineering department.

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Our Sponsors

We'd like to thank the following organizations for their kind support and various contributions, without which this project would not have been possible. Please find more information on the great work that they do on our sponsors page.

The Daniel Family Foundation is a philanthropic foundation that funds leading edge cancer care, fundamental research, advancements in new energy technology and bright young students. The Foundation has generously donated to support our team and will be recognized as the team's Exclusive Diamond Sponsor. We extend our special thanks for their outstanding contributions in support of UBC students.